That Way

Make your own lip sync video.

What is the name of that song you like? The one on your phone, the one you know all the lyrics to. Do you think you could make a video for it?

This workshop takes its inspiration from the Internet phenomenon of lip sync videos. This form was pioneered by Wei Wei and Huang Yixin, the so-called Back Dorm Boys, who became Internet royalty with their lip sync videos to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. During this workshop we will ask you to make your own lip sync video and post it to Youtube. The tone of the video can be serious or funny, parody or homage.

The workshop starts with showing and talking the group through the original music video as well as a more recent example, Robyn “None of Dem”. The participants are then split into groups and asked to share their favorite songs. Together they will pick one they like with the assistance of the workshop facilitator.

Using the provided computer they research the song, look at the video, find the lyrics and decide how they will do their own video. This involves making a detailed plan and storyboard for the shoot and dividing the tasks between the participants in the group. The video is then filmed in one-take using the computer webcam and using the participants as singers, actors and dancers but also in the roles of directors and producers.

Video references:

Result: A lip sync or dance video, uploaded to a private Youtube channel.
Equipment: 4 computers with webcam/recorder possibilities, internet connection
Estimated Material Cost: None
Duration: 1 hour