‘ensemble’ is a workshop for children. It investigates the use of simple sensors as a means of playing a piece of electronic music. ‘ensemble’ is a suitcase full of sounds and clothes. Each piece of clothing is a simple sensor that modifies a sound or a voice. Each sensor is incorporated into a garment and together each set have their own possibilities for movement and control. The position of a manʼs hat, the swoosh of a dress, the darkness of a ladies bag…

‘ensemble’ is an exercise in listening and finding yourself in a complex sound field. It is an exercise in listening to each other while playing together.

‘ensemble is a live sound piece played by by the orchestra of those who dress up.

Duration: 1 hour
Age range: 3-5 years old

• A.L.I.C.E, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, South Korea, 1-22 June 2007
• Festival Electric Exchange NL-CH, Basel 14-19 November 2005
• 2 turven hoog, Almere, Oktober 2005
• Dorkbot, Ghent, May 2005
• Facelifters, Genk, Belgium, April 2005
• Oorsmeer, Lille January 2005
• Oorsmeer, Hasselt, 2004
• ʻAdventurous Music in Leidsche Rijnʼ November 2004
• Oorsmeer, Gent, 2004
• Gaudiamus at Amsterdam Library 2004
• ISEA, Tallin 2004
• Pervasive Computing, Vienna, Austria, April 2004
• Making New Waves, Budapest, February 2004
• Mediamatic SuperSalon, Amsterdam, December 2003
• Argos, Brussels Belgium, October 2003
• e-culture fair, Amsterdam, October 2003
• Happy New Ears, Kortrijk Belgium, October 2003
• Tri.phonic ME at Next 5 Minutes, Amsterdam, September 2003
• interfacing performance, AMSU, Montevideo, Amsterdam, August 2003
• Cambridge Drama Centre, Cambridge UK, August 2003
• NIME, Montréal CA, May 2003

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