Electro Squeak Club

Experimental Instrument building workshops for children from 5 to 12.

Make your own instrument, make your own noise.

The club is divided into three separate sessions, Acoustic, Electric and Digital.

Acoustic: We build new and classic acoustic instruments from recycled and new everyday materials. Water hose trumpets, coke can banjos, tin can sitars. When we are done building the instruments we spend some time playing them together and an orchestra. The acoustic club sessions are open to children as young as 5.

Electric: Instruments that are somehow powered by electricity. Knock bot drummers, turntables, piezo flutes. Connections are made using twisted wires, paperclips and tape. The electric club sessions are open to children from 7.

Digital: Over 3-4 session we build a complete digital instrument. Participants are taught how to use breadboards and solder and the process is concluded by the fitting your circuit into a housing and demonstrating how it sounds and how it should be played. The projects tend to be based on 555, radio and oscillator circuits. The digital club sessions are open to children and young people from 9 and upwards.

All sessions attract a very mixed age profile, the minimum ages are guidelines only, based on our experiences wrt motorics and safety.

The Electro Squeak Club is open on Sundays at STEIM under the name ElectroPiepenClub.