Blue Box / doublEEye

Collaboration with Nora Heilmann

Performance text:
welcome. we decided to build ourselves new technological eyes. double our sight. to achieve extrasensory perception. here is a new hybrid synesthetic species. experience the intensity of the sonar-visual spectrum at any moment all at once. we gather light. they gather light through their extracorporeal eyeballs. transduce it to sound and feed it back into the body via the double eye gap. the sound feeds back into the body. the gap of the double eye ball. it does not have to be loud. new seers and new listeners. there is only sensory leakage. we enter into the total field. sound-vision. meet the aliens. you are invited to listen. see with us. all at once. an experiment for five dancers with light/noise machines. doublEEye. we wanted to see everything at once. whiteout. we wanted the whiteout. to experience intensely and differently.

Light Vision Experiment:
search for a bright space with many people. gather together and sit down. put on your goggles. concentrate. keep your eyes open. observe the visions on the inside of your doublEEye. beam yourself to another place. when you are ready to move, turn on your sensor box as a sign of departure.

Rules for movement:

  • when you move through space, the sensor box is turned off. use your doublEEye to find your way.
  • when you stop moving, the sensor box can be turned on. use it to explore the light space.
  • if you find somewhere that feels like a good space, swing your arm fast with the sensor box.
  • at least once you will meet an unknown person and have a light-vision conversation.
  • if you feel that all of you are close together in one spot, swing your arm fast with the sensor box.
  • at all times explore the extremes of darkness and brightness.
  • when you have arrived, sit down. wait for the others. flash your light as a good bye signal. take of your goggles. stand up.

Double Eye at transito, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, October 2006