Magic Machine

How do we design magic? What is magical to you? If you could make anything at all, what would it be? Have you ever built a machine? What does your imaginary machine do and what does it sound like?

We build fantastical machines out of paper, cardboard, wood, string and plastic. As we build, we query the machines and listen to them: What sound do you think they make? Simple record / playback devices allow us to put your sounds into the machine, modifying and changing the quality of playback with the acoustical properties of the materials.

Duration: 1 – 2 hours [negotiable] Age range: 7 – 9 years old

Materials: Cardboard, construction paper, plastic/paper cups, kitchen foil, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap, duct tape, double sided tape, glue, wire, basic paint, string, record / playback devices.

Tools: Pliers and cutters, sturdy scissors, paint brushes, glue gun, box cutter.

In development for 2 Turwen Hoog festival 2012
Selected for NIME 2011
Professional version: ongoing at STEIM
DISK/club Transmediale, Berlin, January 2010
Amber Festival, Istanbul, November 2009
STEIM, Amsterdam, December 2009

Currently being written up.

Online documentation: