OWL Body Prop Interviews

Collaboration with Danielle Wilde

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law of Technology Prediction

The OWL Body Props is a series of open and speculative body-devices designed without a pre-defined function and tested as design ‘probes’ in order to ascertain their functionality.

The testing takes the form of interviews where the interviewee is fitted with each of the six body props in turn. After the fitting, the participant will take a self portrait with the device, pick an associated motivational desire and fill out a response card asking: What is it called? What does it do?

Duration: 1 – 2 hours [negotiable]

Age range: any

• Interview process is ongoing

At this point, interviews have been conducted in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the US


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Online documentation: http://www.daniellewilde.com/dw/OWL.html