painting with your nose

Collaboration with Maki Ueda

Exploring the sense of smell. An intense workshop experience for children.

Using large spice mortars we will work together using spices from the kitchens of both Asia and the low lands: kaffir lime leaves, black pepper, whole green cardamom, anise stars, cinnamon and allspice. The children work together to grind the spices and as the pods are broken and pulverised, the room fills with smells. We talk about the smells and what they remind us of. We then mix the ground spices with the paint-base made from milk and cornstarch. Then each child makes a smell painting on blotting paper.
Each spice painting can become a unique composition of spice to bring home and to remember this day by.

Duration: 1 hour
Age range:  3-5 years old
Materials provided: spice and paint base, mortars and brushes, aprons and ground cover. Paper.


‘WIL IK OOK!ʼ NSDSK Theaterdagen voor dove en slechthorende peuters en kleuters (Deaf and hard of hearing children)
September 2010: Bijlmerpark Theater in Amsterdam
October 2010: Regio Eindhoven
October 2010: Regio Rotterdam / Den Haag
October 2010:Regio Zwolle
October 2010: Regio Utrecht

Babelut, Musica, Neerpelt, Belgium, 2008

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