OWL Circle Workshops

Collaboration with Danielle Wilde

“How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you?”
Meno, from Plato’s dialogue (in Solnit, 2005)

“Ah! It’s like if we ask someone 200 years ago and they describe a vacuum cleaner.”
OWL workshop participant

The OWL circle is a structured gathering in which participants are supported to create a personal exploratory device. The device is not designed in any traditional sense, rather it emerges from an open making process that combines art and design ideation techniques with scientific curiosity and retrospective ethnographic evaluation. Participants are asked to examine, through the making process, a relationship their body has to desire.
Where do desires live in our bodies? How might our desires be supported by yet to be imagined technologies? How might such technologies be conceived of and developed – sufficiently that they may be evaluated – if we do not yet know what they are?

Duration: 1 – 2 hours [negotiable]

Age range:  any

Materials: Cardboard, construction paper, plastic/paper cups, kitchen foil, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap, duct tape, double sided tape, glue, wire, basic paint, string, record / playback devices.

Tools: Pliers and cutters, sturdy scissors, paint brushes, glue gun, box cutter.

• Workshop and paper presentation at ISEA 2011, Istanbul.
• Workshops and exhibition, Interactivation Studio and DAB Lab, in conjunction with Participatory Design 2010, Sydney, November 2010
• Workshop, Iikura Elementary School, Tokyo, May 2010

Andersen, K., Wilde, D., Circles and Props – Making Unknown Technology, ISEA Istanbul, http://isea2011.sabanciuniv.edu/paper/circles-and-props-making-unknown-technology, 2011