Toverdrankje Wondermiddel Verandering

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als ik anders was dan ik ben…

What would you like to be different? Is there something you want to change? Is there something you want to be able to do?

Working from a Lucy booth the facilitator is available for children to mix their own magic potion. Using conversation and consultation we determine together which concern or wish the child wants to address and we work together to create a suitable magical solution. We focus on addressing how the expression of feelings into taste and smell can evoke notions of magic and power. The potions are made from oil, water, vinagar, salts, food coloring and spices.

At the end of the workshop the child will take the bottle with the magic potion home.

Duration: ongoing

Materials: Glass bottles, labels, oil, water, vinagar, salts, spices and natural colorants such as cocoa, lavender, lemon, carotin and saffron.

This workshop is a children’s version of the Placebo Apothecary.